Planetary Visions
Multi-media installation with zine and DIY self assembly project, Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Oakland, 2011. Exhibited in solo show Planetary Visions, Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Oakland, 2011.

An installation revolving around an ecofeminist atlas of contemporary site-specific art. The atlas charts the contours of ecofeminisms, contemporary site-specific art and cultural production contributing to dialogues concerned with our shared geographies. It is a matrix of ecofeminisms, women artists working site-specifically, and planetary geographies. The collection of visual materials and texts that comprise the atlas envision how ecofeminist perspectives contribute a necessary breadth and depth to contemporary analyses of art concerned with the past, the present and the future of life on earth.

Planetary Visions Atlas
(PDF document)

Royal NoneSuch Gallery

Stork, Jeanne. "Critic's Choice." The East Bay Monthly. Vol.41, No. 9, June 2011. Pg 7.

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''Planetary Visions'', 2011