BioBox Exploration
Multi-media temporary installation, Dog-patch, San Francisco, 2009.

BioBox Exploration was a performance designed to explore the Irish Hill area in the Dog-patch district of San Francisco. Bound now by waterfront and urban industrial manufacturing, the hill was once a prominent feature of the central waterfront and Irish immigrant community nearby. A team of bio-explorers embarked on a late night exploration of the primary Irish Hill area collecting samples and data to better understand the zone and its rich history.

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''BioBox Exploration'', 2009

Through NODE (Network of Daily Experience) artist team Emily Dippo and Kim Cook seek to create spaces for dialogue and exchange of ideas highlighting the relationship between art and the everyday. The artists use collaboration as a model for interaction between transdisciplinary networks of artists and organizations. An emphasis is placed on facilitating and nurturing new beginnings as well as maintaining ongoing connections. The team works with various modes of research such as oral history, storytelling, investigative workshops and walks at multiple sites in each community. While participating in these investigations community members are remembering, observing, collecting, narrating, sharing, and imagining the public spaces in which they live.